Zoomed In Festival

Mass curated a day of events duting the first edition of the online architectural photography festival Zoomed In in April 2020.

The festival has been created during the lockdown period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to give a space to photographers to confrontate and discuss several topics realted to architectural photography and present their work to the public.


Marketing Tools for the Architectural Photographer


How has marketing evolved and what are the tools that can be used to promote a photographer’s work? We talk to industry experts to have a better understanding of how a professional photographer can navigate through the complicated world of marketing.

The Architectural Image


What is the value of architectural imagery today? To what extent do architects contribute to the process of the creation of a set of architectural images? We discuss with architects about their relationship with architectural photography and what they expect from professional photographers documenting their projects.

The International Commission


With Adam Mørk, Doublespace, Mike Kelley and NAARO we talk about the experience of being a photographer working internationally and the differences between architectural photography in Europe and America.

Filmmakers in Architecture


Mass. Collective members Will Scott and Edward Bishop present a selection of their video work on architecture and talk about the difference between photography and filmmaking in architecture.

Mass Showcase


An insight into the thinking behind a photographer’s personal work. The behind the scenes of the creation of a series of images by Mass Collective Photographers.