︎Filmmakers in Architecture

Mass. Collective members Will Scott and Edward Bishop present a selection of their video work on architecture and talk about the difference between photography and filmmaking in architecture.

Featured Filmmakers:

Edward Bishop, photographer and filmmaker concerned with the documentation of art, design and the built environment. As one half of film making outfit Stephenson / Bishop, he creates films for clients ranging from short form building studies to longer documentary pieces on architectural practice.

Will Scott,  photographer and filmmaker, whose work focuses on the built environment and its relationship with the places and people around it. Shortlisted for the Arcaid Architectural Photographer of the Year award in 2016, his work combines a keen architectural eye with a documentary approach. His lack of a traditional architectural background, common to many architecture photographers, allows him to approach commissions with a fresh set of eyes for a unique perspective.

Featured Films:

- Edward Bishop, The Serpentine Pavillion 2013 by Sou Fujimoto Architects - 03’02”
- Edward Bishop, 24 Savile Row by EPR Architects & Kate Malone - 03’22”
- Will Scott, Azimpur Mosque - 02’04”
- Will Scott, Musée d'arts de Nantes - 03’03”